Compex neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) is an advanced electrical stimulation device designed to help you reach your athletic goals. Compex Sport Elite has many benefits and is designed to help, whether you are sore from crushing your most recent workout, recovering from an unfortunate injury, or looking for that extra edge to boost your performance….

The benefits of stretching are often overlooked. Many times when we think of training, we think of running every day, lifting weights, or possibly even doing cross fit. What we frequently neglect though, is that stretching is and should be a part of that training. Muscles have the ability to do three things: contract or…

How Technology Causes Cumulative Injury to Your Spine In this day and age it is uncommon for someone not to own a cell phone. In fact, it is almost a necessity. Technology is vital to everyday life, so much so that computer skills are essential for most jobs now. The cell phone was originally intended…

Acupoint – Biopuncture Therapy Acupoint injection therapy or biopuncture therapy is the injection of sterile substance into acupuncture points for therapeutic purposes. It combines the benefit of injection therapy with the therapeutic properties of traditional acupuncture. Common substances include saline, homeopathic solutions, lidocaine, procaine, vitamins and minerals (B12), dextrose, and sterile herbs. These medicines are…

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