Speed up workout recovery time with the NormaTec recovery system.

A strenuous workout can leave you drained and exhausted. Whether you are a professional athlete, training for a marathon or simply giving your body a total workout, repetitive demanding exercise routines can take a toll on the body, which can create the need for rehab and increase recovery time. A typical workout recovery process can…

treat hamstring injury

Many people might not know that you can treat a hamstring injury with Active Release Technique (A.R.T.). Fortunately the doctors at 5280 Cryo & Recovery Clinics can—the truth is that there are not many sports injuries we can’t treat. In this article, we will outline a case study of a real patient treated in one of…

The benefits of stretching are often overlooked. Many times when we think of training, we think of running every day, lifting weights, or possibly even doing cross fit. What we frequently neglect though, is that stretching is and should be a part of that training. Muscles have the ability to do three things: contract or…

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