Trigger point massage therapy is one of the fastest-growing therapies in the world. Why? Because it works. It’s one of the most effective types of massage therapy available and has been proven to alleviate muscle and soft tissue pain—a pain millions of people suffer from. In fact, studies have shown soft tissue and muscle pain…

ankle injury

A sprained ankle is one of the most common musculoskeletal injuries in sports. Whether it occurs while running, jumping, landing or pivoting, it almost always involves a “rolling” of the ankle. Although ankle injuries are common, recovery time varies for each athlete. To help you speed up your recovery time, we’re exploring how an ankle…

Speed up workout recovery time with the NormaTec recovery system.

A strenuous workout can leave you drained and exhausted. Whether you are a professional athlete, training for a marathon or simply giving your body a total workout, repetitive demanding exercise routines can take a toll on the body, which can create the need for rehab and increase recovery time. A typical workout recovery process can…

crossfit injuries can happen from this

Doctors and chiropractors have seen more and more CrossFit injuries as CrossFit has become an increasingly popular fitness regimen, sport and training method for athletes, military, police and everyday gym-goers. It is based on an increased work capacity across a variety of different exercises and activities. Specifically, CrossFit involves functional movements performed at high intensity….

muscle injury recovery

You’re an active person and enjoy participating in various sports. Unfortunately, that activity has resulted in you having to treat a muscle injury. Because there are different categories and grades, let’s begin our muscle injury recovery guide with what causes muscular injuries! What are the different severities of muscle injuries? Muscle injuries are typically grouped…

How To Treat Muscle Strain and Soft Tissue Injuries Times have changed in how athletic injuries are treated. “No pain, no gain” clichés are out! Advancement in technology has dramatically changed the way athletes manage sprain and strain injuries. Athletes today are dropping the Advil bottle and ice packs and using new methods to manage…

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